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Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

When we talk about loft bedrooms, this can really be anything from a small converted attic space to a more expansive full-height room on the top floor of a house. Whichever type you’re working with, this guide offers a variety of useful loft bedroom design ideas that will be applicable to your situation.

Some would argue that an attic bedroom might not be the most desirable spot. But with the right approach and some interior design tricks up your sleeve, you can soon turn this into one of the more sought-after places to sleep in your home. Read on for our top tips on working with the often-unusual shape of loft bedrooms and capitalising on some of their more unique features. 

Loft bedroom with bed, seat, and bedside tables


1. Let lots of natural light in

Compared to rooms in the lower part of the house, a loft bedroom gives you bags of opportunity to bask in natural light. If the space has sloped walls in line with the roof, consider adding a large pitched roof window. These are ideal for flooding the room with sunlight during the day, but can easily be fitted with blackout blinds so you can sleep in when you want to.

Some attic rooms may also have the potential for a skylight. Budget permitting, this is a loft bedroom design idea that’ll keep the natural light pouring in at all times of day. As with any type of large bedroom window, make sure that you’ve got some way of blocking the light out, too. You can find contemporary skylights with remote-controlled blinds for this exact purpose.



A skylight in a loft bedroom

2. Get creative with storage

The angle of the walls is one of the unique challenges of a loft bedroom (or opportunities, depending on your outlook). Among other things this can affect your options when it comes to storage. Underbed storage is perfect for items that you don’t need every day. For other things, low-level shelves at the edges of the room can help you to squeeze in extra stuff in what would otherwise be wasted space.

In some cases, the shape of the room may also mean that there’s no chance of fitting in a conventional wardrobe. Sound familiar? Fear not – there are plenty of ways to get around this. One option is to invest in a bespoke fitted closet that follows the lines of your walls. But these can be pretty pricey, so you might want to think about alternatives like a chic hanging clothes rail.



A hanging clothes storage rail


3. Introduce low-level seating

Making the most of the room’s edges is key to any successful loft bedroom design. And if you’re not already using this space for something else, you could always consider adding some low-level seating. Try adding a bench or a bean bag cushion to create a little reading nook or chill-out zone in one of the corners (areas which often go unused in a loft space). Corduroy slab bean bag in mustard colour

4. Make it inviting

Naturally due to their location, some attic rooms can feel isolated and cut off. To prevent this, focus on making the space as inviting as possible through your choice of loft bedroom design ideas. Lush soft furnishings and ambient lighting produce a more welcoming environment. By segmenting the room with furniture and creating new ‘zones’ to relax in, you can also counteract the feeling of being detached from other parts of the house.

A bed with blue pillows and a bedside table lamp


5. Experiment with the position of the bed

If you’ve already tried finding the perfect spot for the bed in a loft room, then you’ll be all too aware of the challenges of doing so. Positioning it next to a wall might be ideal for freeing up floor space, but you may end up banging your head on the sloped roof when you wake up. Ideally, if there is a section of flat wall, reserve this area for the bed.

One alternative is to place the bed in the centre. With larger loft bedrooms, this can be a decent option as you can afford to take up a little space in the middle of the room and leave a few gaps around the edges. In less expansive attic rooms, you may want to position a chest of drawers next to the top end of the bed. This’ll act as a sort of headboard and also ensure you’re taking advantage of the gap behind for storage.

Wherever you decide to put it, we’d recommend choosing a bed that’s relatively low to the ground if possible (particularly if there’s not much height to play with). Attic bedrooms tend to feel more open and spacious when you opt for low-level furniture.



A low level bed in an attic bedroom


6. Create different levels

Similar to ‘zoning’, you can also introduce new areas to an attic room by building vertically, whether that’s through a mini mezzanine-type structure or just a raised bed with a ladder. This loft bedroom idea works well if you’re looking to design a multifunctional space, as you can use the part of the room underneath to add a desk, seating, or storage.

In the example below, the designer has maxed out the utility of a relatively small attic room by using the area underneath a raised bed for storage and a shelving unit. Depending on your preference, this setup can also work the other way around – with the storage on top and the bed underneath.



Raised bunk bed in a loft bedroom


7. Bring the outdoors in with a balcony

Granted, this may not be an option in some cases due to budget or planning permission constraints. But a small balcony is the ideal solution for connecting an attic room with the outdoors and stopping it from feeling claustrophobic. It’s also a brilliant way to capitalise on the views if you live in a scenic area.



A balcony with two glasses of white wine on a table overlooking Lisbon



Next steps

Over the course of this guide, we’ve looked at a range of different loft bedroom design ideas, from small tweaks like adding unique storage and moving the bed around to more substantial changes such as adding in a new balcony. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration whatever the size and scope of your attic room renovation plans.

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22 August 2022
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