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From weird and wonderful data-led resources to interactive tools and wacky new products, there’s lots to explore here on the GreatBeanBags™ blog. Take a peek at the latest insights, competitions, and other fun stuff below.

The Ultimate Music Playlist To Stop Your Children’s Temper Tantrums

There are many tried-and-tested methods when it comes to preventing a full blown meltdown. Whether that involves a quick cuddle or getting cosy with their favourite book, sometimes it works, but not always…

To end the nightmare once and for all, we’ve stepped up to the job with a tantrum-proof method.

5 April 2023

Get paid to watch football! Apply to become a bean bag tester during the World Cup 2022

Are you all set for the World Cup next month? Well, we’re on the search for England’s ultimate superfan to test out our latest range of football-themed bean bags….and the best news is you’ll make a small fortune while doing it!
25 October 2022

The UK's Laziest Counties

We've crunched the numbers from our Lazy Scale to work out which UK counties are the laziest and order the most takeaways per week. Interested to see how you compare? Take a look at the data here!
4 May 2022

The Shocking Truth About Video Game Streaming

Since the launch of the website Twitch in 2011, streaming and the viewing of streams has risen to dizzying heights of popularity.

Every week MILLIONS of people from all over the world either upload their streams, live stream or watch the streams from their favourite gamers. Some - Ninja for example - have managed to make a very lucrative living off becoming a professional streamer. But at what cost?

8 September 2021

Artists Who Have Ditched A Music Group For Solo Success

It goes without saying that music has helped to get us through lockdown - whether it’s motivation for yet another home workout or filling the silence as we lounge around on the sofa or bean bag. But the music industry hasn’t been short of its own drama...

We’ve taken a look at 50 solo artists who left their former music groups for individual fame. Find out who made it to the top here.

26 March 2021

Children’s Lockdown Drawing Habits Revealed

From building snowmen to helping solve tricky maths problems, many parents have been kept busy while homeschooling since the turn of the year.

We’ve teamed up with a contemporary artist to help parents who are teaching their children how to draw. Find out his top tips here

17 February 2021

The World’s Most Relaxing Songs

We know just how important it is to relax, it’s why we make the greatest bean bags to kick back and chill on. But, with that in mind and after what has likely been one of the most stressful years on record for most of us, we wanted to help those out who are looking to just relax and switch off over Christmas!

So, we have put our heads together, crunched the numbers and have found the formula for the world’s most relaxing song...

9 December 2020

What Does COVID-19 Look Like In A Kids Mind

2020 has been a horrible year for most of us and no one really knows when things will go back to normal and it’s likely we will be living alongside COVID-19 for a long time. Adults are exposed to the science and can understand what the virus is, what it looks like and how it works.

We asked kids to draw COVID-19 to see what it looked like in their minds to help parents explain more about the virus. Find out what we got back here.

20 November 2020

The Nation's Favourite TV Presenters Making Thousands on Instagram - Here's Who Earns the Most

With the nation being at home and lazing on beanbags more than ever before due to the coronavirus, the battle among TV channels to secure huge audience ratings has never been more fierce.

With morning TV in the spotlight more than ever, we’ve analysed which presenters from TV can command the biggest fee on Instagram.

24 August 2020