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A Guide to Bean Bag Fabrics & Materials

At GreatBeanBags™, we source bean bag fabrics from the UK and we scour the whole country for the finest upholstery-grade fabrics available.

The UK textiles industry is something we truly cherish. With our bean bag factory being in the heart of England in the Midlands, we deal with people and businesses across the land. We are proud of our UK manufacturing process, and we try to support British businesses whenever we can, including our high-quality array of fabrics.

Browse our range of bean bag fabrics below; we stock more than you think!

Faux Leather

Made from a high-strength fire-retardant Vinyl fabric, our faux leather bean bags simply scream elegance without the price tag of our real leather bean bags.

They are also extremely easy to wipe down, perfect for those times when a jam sandwich or muddy paw print finds their way onto the bean bag!

Faux Leather Bean Bags

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Our cotton bean bags are made from high-quality, upholstery grade, 100% Cotton drill. They’re the perfect all-rounder!

The cotton is very soft and warm, making it great to relax on at home. It is also extremely robust which makes it an ideal choice for bean bags in high-use areas.

Cotton Bean Bags

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Indoor/Outdoor Fabric

Our outdoor bean bags are made from a soft, shower-proof and UV Resistant material, meaning the sun and rain won't damage them.

Although they’re perfectly suited for outside use, the materials used are also very comfortable for use inside.

Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bags

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Our corduroy is made from an upholstery-grade, flame-retardant jumbo corduroy material.

It’s super soft, super comfy, and super robust meaning it’s great value for money. It’s super-easy to clean, too!

Corduroy Bean Bags

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Faux Suede

Our faux suede bean bags are designed to look and feel indistinguishable from real suede but have the advantage of being low maintenance, easy clean and stain repellent.

You can rest assured that the faux suede is very soft and will keep you warm during the winter months.

What’s more, the material has a defined grain which you can see when you rub the fabric in one direction, yielding a different texture and colour tone than rubbing it in another direction.

Faux Suede Bean Bags

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Faux Fur

All of our faux fur bean bags are made from high quality, fire-retardant faux fur. Fashionable and luxurious, these bean bags add a softening and sensuous texture to your home decor.

Either curl up on one of our long pile plain faux fur bean bags or opt for a short pile product with a livelier feel, like those with animal prints - the choice is yours!

Faux Fur Bean Bags

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Real Leather

Our real leather is made from soft-grain Italian leather hides, providing the pinnacle of luxury and comfort.

The real leather range demands more from us as a manufacturer; each piece is made to order with an individual quality assurance ID number. Despite this, we’re still able to deliver a real leather bean bag within one week of ordering!

A real leather bean bag from GreatBeanBags™ is manufactured from high-quality upholstery Leather hides that are both durable and flame retardant.

It’s a natural product that, by its very nature, will have variations in grain and natural imperfections.

Although every hide is fully inspected before dispatch, these imperfections are unavoidable and are what will give your furniture its unique fingerprint.

Real Leather Bean Bags

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Luxury Chenille

Our Luxury Chenille bean bags are made from a sumptuously soft and fashionable upholstery grade woven fabric, the absolute height of elegance.

Made to order especially for you, the warm neutral colours make our Luxury Chenille bean bags ideal for most all bedrooms and living areas.

Luxury Chenille Bean Bags

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Designer Velvet

Our Velvet bean bags are made from a super soft, upholstery grade velvet fabric, giving both a luxurious feel and look to your bean bag.

From a fashionista's lounge to a chic wine bar, these bean bags won't look out of place in any on-trend room.

Designer Velvet Bean Bags

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Patterned Fabrics

Add a splash of colour to any room in the house with our fantastic range of patterned bean bags!

From traditional patterns to something more funky, there's something for everyone.

Patterned Fabric Bean Bags

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Fire and safety regulations

Our bean bags and fillings are compliant with all UK Fire and Safety regulations.

Our materials meet the requirements for resistance to cigarettes and match ignition in accordance with the 1988 safety regulations.

The materials are also tested so you can rest assured they’ll keep you safe.

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How to care for your bean bag fabric

All of our bean bags materials are designed to be durable, but you may, from time to time, get some spillages on your new comfy purchase.

We recommend a damp cloth and spot cleaning; never bleach them, and never machine wash them either. Treat it as you would like any other piece of fabric furniture and you’ll be fine when caring for your bean bag fabric.

For more information, please refer to our cleaning and care guide.

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