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Outdoor Bean Bags

When you think of luxuriously comfortable bean bags, you may not think they can be showerproof as well - especially when the British weather inevitably gives way! Well, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that our outdoor bean bags are UV and shower resistant, making them the perfect solution for lounging in the garden during those long Spring and Summer days.

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  1. Indoor/Outdoor Square Bean Bag
  2. Indoor/Outdoor layZ Bean Bag
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Retro Classic Bean Bag - Pink
  4. Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bag Chair - Grey
  5. Indoor/Outdoor Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Red
  6. Indoor/Outdoor Tri-Gamer Bean Bag - Sky Blue
  7. Indoor/Outdoor Deck Chair Bean Bag - Orange
  8. Indoor/Outdoor Cushion Bean Bag - Round - Royal Blue
  9. Indoor/Outdoor Cushion Bean Bag - Square - Sky Blue
  10. Indoor/Outdoor Couch Bean Bag - Olive Green
  11. Indoor/Outdoor Seat Bean Bag
  12. Indoor/Outdoor Stool Bean Bag - Cream
  13. Indoor/Outdoor Wedgie Bean Bag - Lime Green
  14. Indoor/Outdoor Oxford Cushion Bean Bag - Forest Green
  15. Indoor/Outdoor Monster Bean Bag - Sky Blue

Items 1-15 of 23

per page
Set Descending Direction

More information

Our outdoor bean bags are right at home on the grass and complement any existing garden furniture flawlessly. Picture wooden garden furniture with an outdoor bean bag stool as the gentle summer breeze lulls you to sleep (if the British weather allowed for that anyway!)

If you don't have any garden furniture currently, our outdoor bean bags are ideal for lounging on the grass instead of awkward wooden chairs or metal that's too hot in the summer sun.

The perfect replacement to conventional garden furniture

Bean bag loungers provide much more comfort than decaying wooden furniture and they fit contemporary style guidelines while maintaining practical functionality. To keep your outdoor bean bag loungers dry, we recommend popping a cover over them to keep them dry or storing them elsewhere at night.

Ideal for patios and gardens

All of our outdoor bean bag furniture is handcrafted with the utmost quality and care, meaning we can guarantee durability across almost any terrains, including grass, patios and garden pave stones. Trust us; we've tested them extensively on many lazy Summer Sundays.

How to clean outdoor bean bags

If you're lounging on your bean bag in the garden, you're likely to get inevitably messy with soil, grass or even ice cream stains. However, you'll be glad to know it's incredibly simple to clean our outdoor bean bags. Just take some soapy water and wipe down any dirt or stains then dry down with a towel. Simple. For more information, read our bean bag clean and care guide.