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Bean Bag Sofas

Sofa bed bean bags allow you and your guests to have the luxury of a deep bean bag with the versatility of a sofa bed in any spare or guest room. Here at GreatBeanBags™, our range of bean bag sofa beds will suit any home and ensure a good night's sleep for any guest.

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  1. Faux Fur Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Brown Bear (Brown Long Pile)
  2. Luxury Chenille Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Straw
  3. Corduroy Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Purple
  4. Cotton Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Sky Blue
  5. Faux Leather Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Navy Blue
  6. Faux Suede Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Black
  7. Indoor/Outdoor Sofa Bed Bean Bag - Red
  8. Real Leather Sofa Bed Bean Bag
  9. Designer Crushed Velvet Lounger Bean Bag - Blue
  10. Luxury Chenille Lounger Bean Bag - Charcoal
  11. Faux Fur Lounger Bean Bag - Kangaroo (Grey Long Pile)
  12. Faux Leather Lounger Bean Bag - White
  13. Faux Suede Lounger Bean Bag - Sand
  14. Indoor/Outdoor Lounger Bean Bag - Navy Blue
  15. Cotton Lounger Bean Bag - Purple

Items 1-15 of 68

per page
Set Descending Direction

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Out with the old, in with the new

Let's face it; old sofa beds get lumpy, uncomfortable and rigid. However, a bean bag couch from GreatBeanBags™ will allow your guests to sink in and remain comfortable for years to come. And, if it needs a top-up from becoming warn, you can easily purchase bean bag refills from us, too.

Our bean bag sofa beds are fully convertible with no additional effort needed from you. Simply lie down on them for a sofa bed or sit and read a book for a bean bag settee. With such a wide variety of modern designs to choose from, this combination of comfort and practicality does not compromise their style in the process.

Hundreds of design, size & colour combinations available

For the ultimate lounging, napping and sleeping experience, try our jumbo XXXL products in a range of colours and materials. Dive onto the 2-metre long bean bag couch for a full laid back experience, or let your friends and family on. Our larger bean bag sofas can easily fit three people on, maybe more if you have the kids around, too! Our bean bag sofa beds are childproof and will handle the kids' playtime with ease.

On top of our huge collection of coloured bean bag sofa beds, we're proud to stock, and hand-craft, some more unconventional designs, too. For the patriotic loungers among us, we have a collection of flag-designed bean bags like the St. George's England Flag bean bag sofa.

Hand-crafted since 1992

Our bean bag sofa beds are crafted in Nottingham by a skilled team of precision fabric engineers. We ensure our materials are premium and our designs are trend-leading - or trend-reviving in the case of our retro bean bags! With a range of cover choices, we can create such deluxe loungers like the corduroy sofa bean bag for an effective mix of style and cosiness, as well as our classic cotton options.

Our comfort research team has discovered the best manufacturing methods to ensure a soothing night's sleep for your guests as well as an excellent lounging option when used in its settee form.