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Kids’ Bean Bags

It's a well-known fact that no child’s bedroom or playroom is complete without a brightly coloured bean bag for general reading and entertainment. Kids’ bean bags are often used in schools, so by bringing one into the home, you can further aid their learning in a matching and comfortable environment. Shop comfy soft furnishings for children below.

Trusted by thousands

Trusted by thousands

We’re trusted by thousands of kids’ bean bag fanatics. Don’t believe us? Read our customer reviews.

Free shipping & quick delivery

Free shipping & quick delivery

Enjoy free shipping and our next day delivery service across our entire kids’ bean bag range.

Made with love in Britain

Made with love in Britain

All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK meaning we uphold the highest of British quality standards.

Get the most from your bean bag

Get the most from your kids’ bean bag

Learn from the experts and keep your kids’ bean bag in check for years to come.

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The home of children's bean bags

We understand that children's bean bags need to be comfortable, colourful, safe and practical. These principles are at the heart of our creative process and our bean bag artists ensure our kid's bean bags hit every single one of these requirements. Whatever size, shape or colour, we hand-craft kid's bean bags that we know young minds love.

Perfect for boys and girls

Our cute bean bags are produced with children's bedrooms in mind. Our fashionable colours and crafts are functional for most boys' and girls' bedrooms and playrooms. We don't limit our designs to the simplistic blue or pink bean bags for kids; we incorporate a huge range of colours and designs to appease every child's dreams.

Perfect for toddlers, too

Our toddler bean bag range is small, comfortable and safe, so they're perfect for playtime when the toys come out. No matter what the age of your children, we will have their new favourite playtime friend here. Our materials ensure the fillings stay in, and the indoor/outdoor covers will even keep water out, meaning you can wipe down any mess that might be made from crayons or other indoor or outdoor activities.

Personalised for kids

Kids love colour. That's a fact, and as a parent, that's why your home is filled with a wonderful rainbow of toys and decorations. We hold that at the core of our children's bean bag inventory, offering a vast variety of colours to choose from. From eccentric orange bean bags to rich purple alternatives; browse our colour pickers to get the perfect tone and shade for your kids.

For personalised bean bags, get in touch with us as we have created several kids bean bags with bespoke prints and designs in the past. Afterall, we do love a challenge!

Waterproof materials for growing yougsters

Waterproof materials are essential for younger children and those who are still developing habits. With that in mind, our waterproof bean bags accommodate children throughout all stages of their learning and maturity, helping them to better cope with what can be an embarrassing night.

Our kids bean bags are simple to wipe down and the bean bag fillings won't be compromised in the process. On top of this, they're great to use in the garden due to their waterproof capabilities. This way you're bean bag is multi-functional and can follow the kids round wherever they may be playing next. If bed wetting is part of wider SEN developments, we also provide sensory bean bags to help support growth in children with different learning styles too!

Are bean bags for kids safe?

All of our bean bags are quality-assured, and our team of designers and fabric experts have ensured our materials are child-friendly and non-toxic, too.

Zips are often a worry for parents as they can be a source of injury when playing on bean bags, that's why we hide our zippers away from prying fingers under layers of fabric. On top of that, our kid's bean bags are perfect for breaking falls if kids are playing around, just make sure nothing else causes rips in the process!