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How to make the cosiest kids' reading corner

How to make the cosiest kids' reading corner

How to make the cosiest kids' reading corner

Creating a reading corner for your kid’s room encourages them to get lost in literature and doubles up as the ideal relaxation area. A lot goes into a great reading nook – from getting the right lighting to achieving the ultimate levels of comfort, there’s plenty to think about.

We’ve got you covered with this guide to making the cosiest kids’ reading corner, jam-packed with top tips from the experts in designing for young ones. Along the way, we’ll be looking into practical pointers for an easy environment to read in as well as ways to put together a cool space that your children will love.

Picking the perfect spot

All of the best reading nooks start with picking the perfect spot. Think of a comfy place to cosy up with a good book. It needs to be far enough away from distractions like the TV to allow for concentration, letting your child become truly absorbed in their stories. At the same time, find a spot relatively nearby so you can join in with reading sessions every now and again.

The ideal place for a children’s reading area will be different in every home. It could be tucked up away in a bedroom or in the corner of a playroom. You don’t need a great deal of space for this – a cosy spot often works best! The key is to find somewhere that your kids can relax in with as little noise as possible, away from the hustle and bustle of the house.

Let there be light!

Thinking along practical lines, it’s pretty important to get the right lighting levels for a kids’ reading corner. But this doesn’t have to be just about giving your child some light to read by. Your choice of lighting is a chance to brighten up the room and take its decor to the next level: get creative with a string of fairy lights or a lamp featuring your kid’s favourite character from literature.

Make things personal

Now that your child has a well-lit snug for easy reading, it’s time to make this into somewhere they love to hang around in. Add a splash of personality to the space by creating a theme. Turning your kid’s reading corner into a space that reflects who they are will encourage them to spend more time curled up there with a good book – and you can help them add to the environment as they grow and develop new interests.

Of course, you know your kid best of all, so you’re the perfect person to decide when it comes to a personalised theme. In the past, we’ve come across some really cool ideas for reading nooks based on a child’s favourite animals and books. These inspired us to create two of our best-loved collections for kids: our nature-themed and book-themed bean bags.

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Keep it comfy

When looking to let your child lose themselves in a good book, comfort is the most important element of all. The cosiest kids’ reading nooks we’ve come across centre around the perfect seating. Of course, you’ll want to discuss this with your little one and choose their favourite type of seat. As the experts in designing comfy spaces, we’ve got plenty of ideas you could run past them:

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With seating taken care of, you can move on to accessorising the space for maximum comfort levels. A snuggly blanket or throw is a great addition that’ll help your young one to settle down for storytime, keeping them cosy and warm during the winter months. You could also pair your seat with a footstool so that your little literary explorer can put their feet up!

Leave room for storage

No kid’s reading corner would be complete without a handy spot to store their books. There are loads of options to explore when thinking about storage: you could keep it simple with a floor standing bookshelf that’s close to hand or go all out with a recessed wall shelf. Alternatively, floating shelves and book storage cubes are both ideal for creating a cool, contemporary look that you and your kids will love.

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This guide has explored the ins and outs of creating a cosy kids’ reading corner, covering all of the most important elements to consider. If you’re looking to accessorise a reading nook for your child, check out our range of kids’ bean bags.

19 August 2021
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