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Gaming Room Ideas for the Ultimate Setup

Finding the best gaming room ideas is the starting point for achieving the ultimate setup. Whether you’re a console or PC gamer, you’ll want to create an epic environment that matches the awesomeness of your games and offers the comfort you need for endless hours of play.

This all starts with selecting the right room for your new gaming space. Once you’ve decided on that, there’s plenty more to consider: what will you need to max out on comfort, how can you choose the perfect theme – and which gaming room decor will complement it?

Read on for tons of gaming room ideas and inspiration on the following and more:


Multi-coloured RBG gaming keyboard


Which room should I turn into a gaming space?

With the right approach, any room in your house can be made into an awesome gaming room. Common choices for gamers around the world include bedrooms and living rooms, but studies, lofts and even basements can work well too. So long as your new gaming room is warm and comfortable, you’re good to go.

How do I turn my bedroom into a gaming room?

Bedrooms are a go-to option when it comes to creating a new gaming room. This way, you’ll have easy access to a nearby bed to crash out in after a late-night gaming session – and you can also make the space your own.

But how can you turn your bedroom into a gaming room? See our top tips below:

  • Make sure your monitor or TV screen is positioned away from windows to avoid glare.
  • Pick out a versatile gaming desk or max out on comfort with a gaming bean bag for console gaming.
  • Consider adding wall storage such as shelves for your games.
  • If you plan to play late into the night and your bedroom shares a wall with someone else’s, think about adding soundproofing (or just invest in a decent set of gaming headphones!)

Living room-gaming rooms

Living rooms are another classic choice when it comes to creating the ultimate gaming room setup. It’s likely that your lounge is already part way there, with a comfy sofa to sit on and something to play games on (whether that’s a TV with console or a computer). All you need now is to find a theme and pick some gaming room decor that fits with it.


Computer gaming room lit up in purple lights


What should I put in my gaming room?

Once you’ve chosen where you’ll position your gaming room, you can start thinking about what stuff to put in it. Here, we’ve considered all of the essentials, from desks and comfy seats to the storage and the ideal gaming room accessories.

Gaming desks

If you’re a PC gamer, then a good desk will always be the core of your gaming room setup. Make sure that your chosen room can fit a reasonably sized desk – you’ll need all the space you can get when it comes to adding a widescreen gaming monitor, decent speakers, an ergonomic gaming keyboard (and the rest!) The bigger you can go, the more versatile your gaming room will be.


Purple-lit gaming room with computer


Maxing out on comfort

Comfort is a key part of any extended gaming session. Your choice of seat will naturally depend on the type of games you like to play:

  • PC gamers will benefit from investing in a high-quality gaming chair (your back will thank you in the long term).
  • If you’re more of a console player, then a gaming bean bag is the way to go for a cushy gaming setup. Of course, we may be biassed, but we’re also kind of the experts! A hi-back gamer bean bag is a great choice if you tend to sit forward as you play, whereas a tri-gamer bean bag is best for comfy reclining.

Luxury chenille tri-gamer bean bagOur Luxury Chenille Tri-Gamer Bean Bag


Picking out gaming room accessories

Other important gaming room accessories include things like floor cushions for added cosiness, blackout blinds to stop glare on bright sunny days and a Wi-Fi booster if your space is a little far away from the router. If you’re truly aiming to make the ultimate gaming room setup, then you might also want to think about a well-stocked mini fridge and drinks shelf to keep you going on those long haul sessions.


White Wi-Fi booster against a black background


Storage for your games

Storage is often overlooked when it comes to ideas for a new gaming room. Whether it’s a well-placed drawer, a shelving unit or just a large chest, make sure that you’ve got somewhere to store all of your games, controllers and other accessories.


Games and gaming accessories on top of chest of drawers


How can I decorate my room for gaming?

So, you’ve taken care of the practical stuff, but how are you going to decorate your new gaming room? Don’t sweat it, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for some gaming room ideas and inspiration on choosing a theme, colour scheme and other gaming room decor.

Choosing the best gaming room theme

The theme of your gaming room will tie everything together, so it’s a great place to begin when it comes to the decor.

Retro-inspired gaming rooms are a really popular option even amongst younger games, and you’ll find plenty of cool items online to fit with this theme (including vintage arcade games if that’s your thing!) More of a next-gen gamer? You could theme your gaming room around your favourite console, games developer or video game franchise.


Retro-themed gaming room with arcade games.jpg


What colour is good for a gaming room?

When deciding a gaming room colour scheme, keep your chosen theme in mind. Looking to create an Xbox-themed spaced? Then green is the obvious go-to. A Nintendo gaming room, on the other hand, would naturally have red at the core of its colour scheme.

Below, we’ve considered some of the pros and cons of the other colour options you could pick for a gaming room:

  • Black – a classic option for gaming rooms everywhere, black is ideal for creating a space in which you can immerse yourself in games without any distractions (but be wary of the fact that black can make a small room feel oppressive).
  • White – on the other hand, white can be used to make a gaming room feel more expansive. This minimalist colour palette also gives you plenty of opportunity to find accessories that complement the space.
  • Orange – a bold and bright colour like orange makes a statement; it’s also a great choice if you’re going for a retro theme.
  • Pink – you could link your gaming room to a fan-favourite franchise like Kirby with a hot pink colour scheme. You’ll find tons of gaming chairs, desks and accessories to match online.
  • Grey – if gaudy colours aren’t your thing, then a neutral grey colour scheme could be the way to go. Grey is a popular colour choice for other forms of interior design, so it offers the ideal way to connect your gaming room with the rest of the home.
  • Blue – blue is another quintessential choice for a gaming room. Why not pair blue furniture with matching LED lighting to give the space a cool glow?

Whichever colour you opt for, check out our range of coloured bean bags to find the perfect addition to your new space.


Gaming room with green colour scheme


Posters, lights and other gaming room decor

And now we come to the finishing touches of any good gaming room. If you’ve chosen a solid theme, it’ll be easy to find the right posters and other decor to tie the space together. Many modern gamers also choose to add RGB lighting to complete the ambience. Simple LED tape is an easy DIY option to achieve this effect, but you could also consider colour-controlled uplighters for a more contemporary look.


Gaming room with widescreen gaming computer lit up by RGB lights


What next?

This guide has looked at some cool gaming room ideas for creating the perfect setup. Found it useful? Check out our other gaming blogs and articles.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort to complete your new gaming room, look no further than our selection of purpose-built gaming bean bags.


21 April 2022