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Cosy Living Room Ideas: Design & Decor

Cosy Living Room Ideas: Design & Decor

Most of us would love to have a cosy living room that looks great too – and these two ideals needn’t be in conflict with each other. 

Some ultra-modern lounge designs can be minimalist to the core, emphasising open space and clean lines at the expense of the occasional throw or scatter cushion. But it’s more than possible to marry contemporary interior design with that sense of cosiness we all crave.

It all starts with sourcing the right cosy living room ideas. So if that’s where you’re at in your design journey, then read on for some top tips. Along the way, we’ll be touching on the best kinds of soft furnishings to try, as well as tricks you can play with light and colour to create a space where you can really relax and hunker down.


Orange cushion on a white rug next to a plant


How to make a living room cosy

A snug living room sanctuary offers somewhere for you to curl up and unwind after a long hard day – the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life. To help you achieve this vibe without breaking the bank, we’ve pulled together our best laid back living room design ideas below.


1. Choose a calming colour scheme

The conventional wisdom is to opt for a relatively neutral palette for your colour scheme (perhaps a light ochre or linen white tone). But in reality much darker and warmer shades can also produce a calming effect. For example, pairing a deep green feature wall with a corner sofa or floor cushion is a great way to create a cosy snug. 

All of this really depends on your personality. For some, darker tones create the right ambience to snuggle up in; others find environments like this claustrophobic. Go with a colour scheme that works for you and those you live with.


A living room with a deep green colour scheme


2. Layer up touchable textures

The cosiest living rooms not only look inviting, but feel that way too. Pick out a textured sofa to nestle down on – and try adding an ultra-soft throw. This is an awesome way to accentuate your chosen colour scheme, particularly when combined with some matching scatter cushions to complete the look.


Orange throw and patterned scatter cushions on a sofa


3. Soften the space using floor coverings

Even if you have wooden flooring, you can make your lounge soft underfoot by introducing some tactically placed floor coverings. A comfortable rug made from a material like faux fur will offer the cushioning effect you’re after. The thicker the pile, the better!


A cosy rug with a table and a dog


4. Satisfy the senses with relaxing scents

Consider all of the senses when picking out cosy living room ideas. A scented candle or diffuser can go a long way towards creating an inviting atmosphere that you’ll love to settle down in, as well as making the room feel much more homely. Lavender, camomile, and jasmine are all said to be some of the most soothing smells to choose from.


A cream coloured scent diffuser on a grey background


5. Introduce some warm lighting

Bright white lights can sometimes feel too harsh and clinical for a relaxing lounge setting. Instead, choose bulbs that offer a warmer glow. If you can install dimmer switches, having the option of lowered lighting always helps with creating a stress-relieving ambience. Alternatively, it’s possible to achieve the same effect with a well-placed floor or table lamp.


A side table with a lamp next to a sofa


6. Think practical – keep it toasty!

Make sure your lounge is well insulated to create the cosy environment you’re after. Double or even triple glazing is a great place to start, but you may also want to consider things like thicker curtains, extra blankets, and potentially draught excluders for the doors. Of course, decent heating from radiators, a separate heater, or even a fire is also a must.

If your living room has a fireplace, make the most of it by creating a focal point. Simply adding a new modern mantelpiece helps to draw the eye, encouraging guests to sit by the fireside and stay snug on long winter nights. For houses that don’t have a chimney, another option is to install a contemporary electric fireplace to keep everyone nice and warm.


Cosy living room with cream chairs and a fireplace

7. Consider some comfy seating accessories

The sofa will often be the cosiest spot in a living room, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Try adding some alternative comfy seating, whether this is a squishy slab cushion or a giant monster bean bag to lie back on (like the super-soft faux fur monster bean bag pictured below).

Woman sitting on faux fur monster bean bag


8. Stick to soft materials

Throughout all of your furnishing choices, make sure to use softer materials wherever possible. Velvet is an excellent option, instantly adding a touch of vintage luxury with its smooth nap. If you’re keen to keep a more modern-looking lounge, chenille offers an equally silky feel yet is often used in more contemporary designs.


Cosy turquoise suede sofa with a patterned cushion


9. Lay back on low-level furniture

Our final idea for a cosy living room relates to the profile of your furniture. Low-level sofas and chaise longues are certainly on-trend, but they’re also the key to designing an environment that’s literally more laid back. What’s more, you can use low-backed seating to create zones in a larger room, helping to make the space feel snug but not cluttered.


A beige chaise longe set against a dark background 


What next?

Hopefully this guide has inspired you with some cosy living room ideas to apply in your own home. Enjoyed reading? You may want to check out some of our other posts:

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5 August 2022
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