School Bean Bags

We make a huge variety of school bean bags because we believe that they can help pupils of all ages to learn better, and to enjoy their time in education.

Every bean bag that we make for schools is handmade right here in our UK factory to your specifications, using only the best material that we have available to us. This is because our bean bags are there to aid pupils in their learning, helping you to create a relaxing, welcoming space in your school that pupils want to make use of and learn in.

The majority of our school bean bags are also available from ESPO - the UK’s main procurement service for the education sector. Through this partnership we hope that more pupils around the UK will be able to enjoy the care that we put into making our unique bean bags.

Our school bean bag offering splits into three categories: pre-school & primary school bean bags, secondary school bean bags, and sensory bean bags.

Pre-School & Primary School Bean Bags

Our beans bags for primary school and pre-school aged children are bright, colourful, and fun. Our range includes both indoor and completely weather-proof outdoor bean bags in a variety of styles. This includes simple, colourful bean bags that you can mix and match to suit your needs, and bean bags designed with nature in mind, made to look like trees and clumps of grass. Getting these bean bags into your classrooms and play areas is all about providing a space for children to be comfortable and relaxed, and we also make sets that are perfect for teachers to sit on with the pupils, helping you to engage with them even better.

Secondary School Bean Bags

Our secondary school bean bags are designed with teenagers in mind: they’re super-comfy, and designed to help teens relax and enjoy their time at school. We sell various different types of bean bags, including double-seaters and giant floor cushions. All of our designs come in an array of different colours, so whatever it is that you’re looking for, we have something that will suit you.

Sensory / Care Bean Bags

Our range of sensory and care bean bags have been specifically designed with sensory needs in mind, ideal for SEN pupils. Not only are our sensory bean bags tactile, they can also help reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of safety for younger users. They’re comfortable, stable, and even ideal for wheelchair users to rest outside of the confines of their structured seating.

Our sensory bean bags are also waterproof, manufactured in our factory using the most technically advanced fabric available on the healthcare market. This makes them ideal for caring, therapy and sensory environments.

And don’t forget that we make all of our bean bags by hand in the UK, which means that if you have any specific requirements at all for any of the above categories, just get in touch with us and we’ll work out how we can help you and the people you care for best.