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Dog Bed Bean Bags

Here at GreatBeanBags™, we know your furry friends deserve to be just as comfortable as their human companions. Our range of dog bean bag beds will let your favourite furball relax. Our dog beds are waterproof, chew-proof and manufactured using flea & dust mite resistant materials, making them fit for doggos and puppers of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. Big Oval Dog Bed Bean Bag
  2. Big Round Dog Bed Bean Bag
  3. Small Dog Mat - Black
  4. Medium Dog Mat
  5. Large Dog Mat - Black
  6. XL Dog Mat
  7. Small Dog Cocoon
  8. Small Dog Bed Basket
  9. Medium Dog Bed Basket
  10. Large Dog Bed Basket - Royal Blue
  11. XL Dog Bed Basket
  12. Big Oval Dog Bed Bean Bag
    £ £45.00 In stock
    Big Round Dog Bed Bean Bag
    £ £49.99 In stock
    Small Dog Mat
    £ £33.99 In stock
    Medium Dog Mat
    £ £44.99 In stock
    Large Dog Mat
    £ £56.99 In stock
    XL Dog Mat
    £ £59.99 In stock
    Small Dog Cocoon
    £ £49.99 In stock
    Small Dog Bed Basket
    £ £49.99 In stock
    Medium Dog Bed Basket
    £ £59.99 In stock
    Large Dog Bed Basket
    £ £69.99 In stock
    XL Dog Bed Basket
    £ £79.99 In stock

11 Items

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Set Descending Direction

More information

Your pet won’t chew on these beans!

Finding a bed for your dog or puppy can be challenging, especially if they like to play with it like a toy! That’s why we make bean bags with your pup in mind and make them so durable they’re both chew resistant and waterproof. Who said dogs were messy and ruined furniture?

Muddy paws and drooling muzzles are also no match for our range of waterproof fabrics, and allow you to pick your style and shape to match your home decor. All of our bean bags are made to order and customisable, so no matter what size your furry friend is, we’ve got a bed just for them.

Is foam or bean filling better for your pup?

At GreatBeanBags™ We offer both bean bag dog beds and memory foam dog beds. Both beds are luxurious and provide maximum comfort to let your man’s best friend snooze in style. Our dog beds are sure to be your pup's new favourite spot around the house. Not sure what type of dog bed is right for your doggo or pupper? Have no fear! Call one of our experts today to discuss your options and ideas.

We don’t have our ‘head in the beans’

From our GreatBeanBags™ family to yours, we understand that your dog or pup is a key member of the family. That’s why we guarantee to keep your pet safe by using non-toxic materials and beans, safety zips, and extremely durable covers. Our mission is to give everyone in your home a lazy place that they love, and your pets are no exception.

All of our bean bags are made here in the UK, in our very own factory. You and your canine friend can, therefore, rest easy knowing your bean bag supplier is only down the road (globally speaking) in case of any questions or advice. You can always get in touch with us to talk about any modifications that you might need to make your pup’s bean bag perfect. Need some extra room for all of his favourite toys to snuggle? We can accommodate almost any request. We know a thing or two about bean bags, as we’ve been in operation since 1992.