MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag

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  • MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag
  • MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag
  • MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag
  • MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag
  • MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag
  • MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag
MYSlouch Glow In The Dark Bean Bag
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From £235.00
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MYSlouch Bags

The new sensation is here. GreatBeanBags proudly presents its glow in the dark bean bags. This is like no other product on the market.

Welcome to the world's first glow in the dark bean bags! It is in fact better than it sounds, with rave reviews and compliments from all those who have tried and tested it out. Don't be a slouch, rather be a MySlouch perfectionist in these exquisite all-round luxury items.

About the Fabric

"A Luminescent surprise!"

Because of the unique manufacturing qualities, the glow in the dark, eco-friendly, quirky, MySlouch beanbags are both eye-catching and fun!

The technology behind the development means that hotels, bars and other beach-side taverns can enjoy the benefits of:

  • durability
  • water repellent
  • eco-friendly
  • light-pollution free
  • salt-corrosion damage limited
  • fire retardant compliant

"Perfect for the outdoors"

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Quality Manufacture in the UK

Quality Manufacture in the UK

We are a 100% British manufacturer and make every single bean bag to order in our Coronation Street'esque factory right here in good old Blighty! We don't import cheap, mass produced bean bags, and we never will.

A proper factory with fabric cutters, sewing machinists and Nottingham based telephone/IT support staff. This shouldn't be your only reason for choosing us, but it's good to know that you are supporting British manufacturing and that your high quality bean bags were made just down the road (globally speaking!).

Keeping you Comfortable, Keeping you Safe

Keeping you Comfortable, Keeping you Safe

Bean bags are comfortable... They're also really fun to sit on!

We know that those are the main reasons for wanting a bean bag, and that's why we've spent a lot of time doing all of the boring stuff to make sure that whilst you and your family are relaxing on our super comfortable bean bags, that you're also as safe as houses.

All of our fabrics are certified to the British Standards for soft furnishing fire retardancy, as is the polystyrene bead filling.

We also use an incredibly secure, anti-tamper zip mechanism to make sure that the bean filling stays where it should be - Inside the bean bag and not all over your floor!

Our smaller bean bags feature a double anti-tamper zip enclosure for extra safety, our larger bean bags have a single anti-tamper zip and the beans are encased in stretchy nets to keep them in place. Details of which sizes have which fastenings can be found in the Product Dimensions section to the right.

Making Beanbags since 1992

We've been manufacturing bean bags since 1992 and we know a thing or two about what's comfy!

Bean Bag Manufacturing in Action

All of our Beanbags are refillable

Polystyrene Beads

We make it really simple to top-up the filling in your bean bag should you need to at any point during its life.

Using our Top-Up Floppy system, all you need to do is open the secure zip fastening on the base of your bean bag, insert the complete top up (net and all) into the bean bag cover and zip it back up.

No mess, no fuss, easy peasy!

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