We all know that imagination is a force to be reckoned with. Afterall, it was Einstein who said, "the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination". Nurturing imagination is especially important in children. Utilising their creativity is crucial to their development and we wanted to see what weird and wonderful dinosaur designs children could come up with, so we held the My Dream Dinosaur competition. And we were amazed. Here, we have 5 of the top dinosaur designs brought to life through digital illustration.

These roar-some dinosaurs sit alongside the child’s vivid description of their beast! How would these creatures have lived on Earth millions of years ago? Would they be a peaceful friend or a fearsome foe? We found, Dougal Dixon, a palaeontologist, to bring some science to the fight as we find out who knows best. It’s a battle of imagination and science, where creative thoughts flourish, and dinosaurs are reborn in Kid Vs Paleontologist!

About our

Dougal Dixon is a Scottish paleontologist, author, geologist and all-round dinosaur expert! Considered to be the founder of speculative evolution, Dougal’s work has inspired various projects such as the modern King Kong reboot with the inhabitants of Skull Island. He has written many books on dinosaurs including the World Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures, and has received various awards for journalism, education and scientific literature.

We asked Dougal for his scientific expertise on our dinosaurs to see if they could have lived among other creatures like the dangerous T-Rex.

Battle 1

The Two-O-Saurus

Battle 2

The Comotriceratops

Battle 3

The Fish-Ripper

Battle 4

The Flynnosaurus

Battle 5

The Polysurrus


Overall, the kids definitely won this one! They produced some realistic and scientifically accurate dinosaurs that could have roamed claw-in-claw with the likes of the Triceratops themselves.

Their creativity proved not only to be imaginative and unique but scientifically plausible as well! It’s crucial for children to engage with designing and drawing concepts that are completely made up, even if they do turn out to be reminiscent of real life concepts.

What the
Doctor says

Dr Vicky Carré, GP in Family Medicine and Child Health, and mother of two says:

"Artistic expression is so important in the healthy development of young minds. It helps children with an enhanced understanding of a topic which is required to formulate the picture. Artistic expression focuses on the sensory experience and motor skills that go into making the picture become a reality on the canvas, and most importantly, it's about the feel-good factor that comes with creating something unique.

Well done to all the budding paleontologists!"