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GreatBeanBags™ Blog

What size bean bag should I buy?

GreatBeanBags™ stocks bean bags of every shape and size, to suit your every need. Use our detailed bean bag size guide to find the perfect one for you.

13 February 2020

A Guide to Bean Bag Fabrics & Materials

We stock bean bags in pretty much any fabric or material you desire, but which should you choose? Read our guide to bean bag fabrics & materials to decide.

12 February 2020

How Unhealthy Is Your Hometown?

Do you live in the Greggs capital of the UK? Do you find yourself wondering why there seems to be more McDonald’s restaurants than people? Do you really know just how unhealthy your hometown is, and how does it rank with the rest of the UK?

Find out how unhealthy your hometown is here.

15 October 2019

The Lazy Scale

Ever wondered how many takeaways is too many? Find out how your laziness compares to the rest of the nation using our Lazy Scale.

6 September 2019

The Iron Throne Bean Bag

It's time for you to take the throne. Winter is here, and our team has forged the perfect bean bag to defend you against the cold.

15 April 2019

How to Fill a Bean Bag

Refilling a bean bag isn’t as hard as you think. Find out how much bean bag filling you need and how to refill a bean bag at home with our handy guide.

18 April 2018

How to Clean & Maintain Your Bean Bag

To keep your bean bag clean, well-rounded, and comfortable, it's vital to look after it properly. Find out how with our cleaning and care guide.

18 April 2018

Kid vs. Paleontologist

Witness the winning drawings from My Dream Dinosaur Competition come to life and discover whether a paleontologist thinks they could have existed!

18 December 2017

My Dream Dinosaur Competition

There were no saur losers in our Dream Dinosaur competition. Find out who came out on tricera-top!

11 July 2017