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Garden Bean Bags VS Traditional Garden Seating

Whether you’ve got a large garden, a simple yard, whether you spend your summer months enjoying life on the patio, or on your apartment’s small balcony, you'll have spent time endlessly scrolling through websites full of boring and homogeneous options, looking for the perfect outdoor seating for you.

At GreatBeanBags, we believe our garden bean bags are the ultimate seating choice, trumping traditional garden seating in almost every way. In this blog we dive into why.

Garden Bean Bags

Why Choose Garden Bean Bags Over Traditional Outdoor Seating?

Made from weatherproof materials

Traditional outdoor seating is usually made from wood or metal, materials that respond poorly to the inclement weather the UK experiences throughout most of the year. As a result, these traditional seating options lose their aesthetic appeal rapidly, in many cases, rotting or rusting before the year is over. They’re also often very expensive, making them an expensive investment for a short term solution.

Our garden bean bags are made from our indoor/outdoor material, which we developed to enable us to offer you any of our bean bags as an outdoor model.

UV and water resistant, treated to enable them to be easily wiped down to help them maintain their stunning appearance long into the future, and woven to make them breathable in the warmer months, these outdoor furnishings are the ultimate outdoor seating option.

Easily moved and kind to your lawn

Traditional wooden or metal garden seating is typically very heavy, making it hard to move around. Want to move your chair to catch the moving sun? Good luck!

Their weight can also take a toll on your lawn or decking, leaving it damaged and unattractive, and not to mention, pose a threat to young children running about the garden.

Our garden bean bags are the perfect weight, finding the ultimate balance between being a substantial, quality outdoor furnishing, and being easily moved by a single person.

They’re also lawn and decking-safe, and ideal for gardens enjoyed by small children, who are unlikely to hurt themselves should they collide with your light weight bean bag seating. There’s also no risk of finger trapping, or unwittingly injuring pets.

Garden Bean Bags

More Easily Stored

Unlike traditional outdoor seating, which even for owners of large properties is difficult, or nigh on impossible to store, garden bean bags can be easily disassembled for space-saving storage in sheds, garages and loft spaces throughout the colder and wetter months.

This can help extend the already impressive lifespan of our outdoor bean bags, or they can simply be covered, or regularly wiped down, to maintain their aesthetic appeal and protect your investment.

The storability of our garden bean bags is also perfect for those with smaller outdoor spaces, helping you declutter your garden or patio when the sun disappears, or when you need to extend your outdoor space.

Garden Bean Bags Are More Comfortable & Versatile

There are few things less satisfying than walking out into your sundrenched garden with a tall refreshing drink, and sitting down onto a hard and uncomfortable wooden or metal chair.

Even the cushions that can be added to traditional outdoor seating do little to protect against the hard materials sticking into the backs of your legs/thighs, and to cushion your back, leading to a rather stabby and uncomfortable sitting experience.

Our garden bean bags are the most comfortable outdoor seating options on the market, moulding to you, to support your body and its natural curvature for unparalleled comfort. They can also be moved into different shapes to support different sitting orientations, making them hugely versatile.

Unlike inflexible traditional garden seating, which is either heavy, or built in a way that ties you into particular seating arrangements, outdoor bean bags like ours offer you total versatility.

Garden Bean Bags

Offer a Greater Range of Aesthetic Options

Style-conscious seekers of outdoor seating will have no doubt discovered that traditional garden seating is a pretty dull product category, with few stand-out designs to help separate your garden from any other. Beyond accessorising with cushions, there are not many aesthetic options available.

Our garden bean bags are available in a wide range of colours, including purple, sunflower yellow, orange, pink, red, lime green, olive green, forest green, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, white, grey, brown, black and beyond, so you can sun yourself in style this summer.

Buying from GreatBeanBags

Bean bags are no novelty item! At GBB, the products we make, including our garden bean bags are luxury outdoor furnishings made by hand in Nottingham UK by skilled stitchers, from safe, upholstery-grade fabrics.

We’ve made bespoke seating for the Bond movie, “Spectre”, TV shows like Love Island and Big Brother, and our entire range of bean bags adheres to all relevant British Standards. You can be sure of our quality.

At GreatBeanBags, bespoke doesn’t mean long waiting lists and lead times. We make your bespoke piece by hand on the day of order, and send it out for free delivery the very next day.

Garden Bean Bags

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4 June 2024