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Articles by Stephen Barnes

Artists Who Have Ditched A Music Group For Solo Success

It goes without saying that music has helped to get us through lockdown - whether it’s motivation for yet another home workout or filling the silence as we lounge around on the sofa or bean bag. But the music industry hasn’t been short of its own drama...

We’ve taken a look at 50 solo artists who left their former music groups for individual fame. Find out who made it to the top here.

26 March 2021

Children’s Lockdown Drawing Habits Revealed

From building snowmen to helping solve tricky maths problems, many parents have been kept busy while homeschooling since the turn of the year.

We’ve teamed up with a contemporary artist to help parents who are teaching their children how to draw. Find out his top tips here

17 February 2021

What Does COVID-19 Look Like In A Kids Mind

2020 has been a horrible year for most of us and no one really knows when things will go back to normal and it’s likely we will be living alongside COVID-19 for a long time. Adults are exposed to the science and can understand what the virus is, what it looks like and how it works.

We asked kids to draw COVID-19 to see what it looked like in their minds to help parents explain more about the virus. Find out what we got back here.

20 November 2020

The Big Brother Stars Making Thousands

From Nikki Grahame’s iconic ‘who is she?!’ rant to Alison Hammond breaking a table, there have been plenty of iconic moments in the Big Brother house across the last two decades.

To mark Big Brother turning 20 we've conducted research to find the contestants which can still command the biggest fee on Instagram! Find out who here.

14 July 2020

Tiger King Inspired Bean Bag Sofas

Tiger King, the Netflix true crime sensation, has divided the nation with its portrayal of the epic feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

Love the hit Netflix documentary, Tiger King? Now you can get your hands on a bean bag couch inspired by the show!

7 May 2020

A Guide to Bean Bag Fabrics & Materials

We stock bean bags in pretty much any fabric or material you desire, but which should you choose? Read our guide to bean bag fabrics & materials to decide.

12 February 2020

How Unhealthy Is Your Hometown?

Do you live in the Greggs capital of the UK? Do you find yourself wondering why there seems to be more McDonald’s restaurants than people? Do you really know just how unhealthy your hometown is, and how does it rank with the rest of the UK?

Find out how unhealthy your hometown is here.

15 October 2019

The Lazy Scale

Ever wondered how many takeaways is too many? Find out how your laziness compares to the rest of the nation using our Lazy Scale.

6 September 2019

How to Fill a Bean Bag

Refilling a bean bag isn’t as hard as you think. Find out how much bean bag filling you need and how to refill a bean bag at home with our handy guide.

18 April 2018

How to Clean & Maintain Your Bean Bag

To keep your bean bag clean, well-rounded, and comfortable, it's vital to look after it properly. Find out how with our cleaning and care guide.

18 April 2018